Oncology Esthetic Services

Oncology Esthetics® (OE) is an advanced certification training program for spa professionals. The program was developed over the past 6 years through extensive research including the use and support of scientific studies that have been published by leading health and integrative care professionals and facilities. OE specifically addresses how cancer and cancer treatment affect the person and what that means to the spa therapist providing services to this demographic.

Oncology Esthetics® Foundation Training Provides the Knowledge and Skills to:

  • Understand cancer, current treatments and side effects of those treatments
  • Perform skin cancer screenings and know when to refer to dermatologists for medical assessment and treatment
  • Provide non-invasive and beneficial spa treatments specially designed for cancer patients
  • Share specialized knowledge about good, affordable skin products and ingredients
  • Recommend and administer safe and beneficial skin treatments based on client’s medical history, and skin condition(s)
  • Assist with re-creating of brows, lashes and use of makeup to enhance the clients looks to ensure they feel like as much of themselves as possible
  • Listen with compassionate ears, built trust be respecting each client’s privacy, medical condition and build the client’s confidence that the treatments we provide will ensure them a higher quality of life

Skin reactions and conditions such as chemotherapy induced hyper-pigmentation, rashes, and extreme dryness of the skin are common reactions of treatment. For those receiving chemotherapy and radiation at the same time, reactions may also include blisters, peeling skin, and itchiness. Visiting a Certified Oncology Esthetician ensures your skin will be properly cared for with products and techniques specifically suited to your condition. Side effects from cancer treatment affects all aspects of the patient’s life, including emotional and psychosocial issues, body-image issues and work-related issues as well. Many patients find themselves overwhelmed and can greatly benefit from supportive care. The purpose of a complementary therapy is not to treat the cancer itself but to treat the person as a whole. Complementary therapies help a person cope with cancer, its treatments and side effects and to feel better.

Thank you to Karen Hauser who provided a beautiful testimonial of her time enjoying the oncology esthetics® treatments at the Spa Magnolia.

A Testimonial from Karen Hauser

I know what feeling incomplete is like; I am a four- time breast cancer survivor. I have had radiation twice, chemotherapy, and more than a dozen operations. To say the least, I was feeling self-conscious before I experienced the Spa Magnolia’s revolutionary Oncology esthetics services. I was very fortunate to have this experience with the professional staff at the Spa Magnolia. There is no longer any need to feel incomplete or to not treat myself to this well deserved Spa Magnolia experience.

When I arrived for my appointment I was greeted by the warm staff who focused on my well being and made me feel less self-conscious. The professionally trained staff were genuinely interested in my journey and dedicated their time to providing me with services that were best for me at my stage of treatment.

I opted for a gentle touch massage and facial treatment with a finishing touch of mineral powder and having my eyebrows filled in. When I walked outside after my experience, I felt like I had the same serene smile as the Mona Lisa. I felt so good for days after as if a bit of my femininity had been brought back. This was truly a special time and I think every woman who is challenged by the devastation of cancer should have this incredible experience. We can easily lose our dignity in the process of our cancer battles, but with this holistic oncology spa service, you can take a break to make yourself feel like a woman once again.

Two weeks has passed since my Spa Magnolia experience and I feel as if I still have control over something that can’t be taken away from me; my smile. This new innovative oncology spa service should be mandatory for anyone battling cancer. All my best, Karen Hauser

We also recognize the fatigue and stress any caregiver experiences; our double room allows both parties to receive much needed attention together without stress or worry. The Spa Magnolia is proud to offer these very unique services for the community and welcomes any questions you may have.