Our Certified Oncology Esthetician

Drew-FlanaganAs you may (or may not) know, we now have an Oncology Esthetics service here at Spa Magnolia. This service in unique in the Victoria spa market, and we’re very proud to be the first.

As a way to learn what oncology esthetics is all about, we thought we would introduce our Certified Oncology Esthetician, Andrew Flanagan.

Andrew began his work as an esthetician at Aveda and immediately absorbed its healthy, holistic approach to health and beauty. His choice to receive oncology esthetics training came from a desire to do something new and to open the doors of beauty for people who struggle with their bodies.

Andrew received his professional oncology esthetics training from A Touch of Cancer, the foremost oncology esthetics certification program in North America. There, he learned the types of cancer, their treatments and related medications and how cancer affects both patients and caregivers.

He also learned what effects cancer treatments have on patients, as well as techniques to make the spa environment safe and healthy for cancer patients.

“As skin experts”, Andrew says, “we can educate and relieve symptoms. I like to make people relaxed and comfortable, and with this training, I can reach a section of the population that I couldn’t before.”

A recent Mayo Clinic report recently praised alternative therapies as a complement to cancer treatment. The spa approach to health, with its emphasis on the power of touch, can bring relief and relaxation to an otherwise stressful and worrying time.

“Cancer patients are often afraid that they won’t be served in a spa environment because of their condition,” Andrew explains. “Their compromised immune system can be a problem in most spas, but with this service, we provide spa treatments that are of no risk to them, thanks to our medical-grade equipment and my specialized training.”

Some of Andrew’s colleagues from the training program practice in hospitals and private oncology clinics throughout the US, showing that the medical community is increasingly open to the benefits of beauty and relaxation treatments for cancer patients.

What motivates Andrew to do all this? “I like to help and educate. It’s rewarding to connect with families and caregivers. I feel like I’m part of the journey of healing, and I can’t help but feel good.”

Our Victoria spa is the first in the region to offer specialized oncology services. Contact us to book an appointment or if you have any questions concerning our spa services.