The Spa Magnolia prides itself on adopting standards that provide our guests with an exemplary experience. As an active member of the Spa Industry Association of Canada our operational standards follow the very best in the industry. Our commitment to the environment includes being a Green Circle Spa, the Spa Magnolia is a 95% waste diverted facility. We use product lines that are aligned with our spa philosophy of wellness and nutrition for the body. They carry certifications from the following globally recognized boards:

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    1. Starting at $55
  • Hand & Foot Transformations

    ♥ The Spa Magnolia uses a medical autoclave to disinfect and properly sterilize all metal implements used in manicures and pedicures. One time use files and buffers are yours to keep following...

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    1. Starting at $100
  • Massage

    SPA MAGNOLIA RELAXATION MASSAGE provides a light to medium pressure full body experience. Enjoy a soothing, relaxing treatment designed with care and comfort in mind. 60 Minutes - ...

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    1. Starting at $65.00
  • Body Treatments

    MAGNOLIA BODY SCRUB An invigorating scrub removes dead skin cells and increases blood circulation while essential nutrients penetrate your skin, leav...

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    1. Starting at $175
  • Spa Packages

    SELF RENEWAL -  60 Minute Customized Facial with Transformation Pedicure. 2 Hours - $175 EMBRACE - 60 Minute Magnolia Relaxation Ma...

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    1. Starting at $90
  • Men’s Treatments

    HYDRA PERFORMANCE MEN'S FACIAL An active treatment for dry and dehydrated skin, compromised by biological and environmental stress, frequent flying, exposure to sun and extreme weathe...

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    1. Starting at $70
  • Facial Treatments

    HYDRAMEMORY TREATMENT This is a deep hydrating treatment for face, neck and decollete that results in renewed moisture and silkiness. Restores compactn...

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