We’re always striving to learn more and keep up with the innovative skin care brand that we carry here at The Spa Magnolia. After our recent Comfort Zone training session, we learned some pretty cool things about this Italian Skincare Superstar!

1. The brand was founded by pharmacist/chemist Davide Bollati in 1996 and remains a family-owned business to this day.
Comfort Zone employs a team of doctors and scientists to create research-based skin care solutions that not only address the problem, they fix it. The head office in Parma, Italy is also home to a farm where they grow a lot of their own ingredients found in the skin care.

2. At the Spa Magnolia, we are always conscious about carrying brands that are not only environmentally-friendly but animal friendly as well. Comfort Zone products are 100% vegan! The products and ingredients are all free from any animal derivatives. Europe has established two different bans to ensure there is no animal testing:

  • Testing ban – prohibition to test finished cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients on animals;
  • Marketing ban – prohibition to market finished cosmetic products and ingredients in the EU which were tested on animals.

3. The Essential Micellar Water is totally safe for eyelash extensions. It can be hard to find a makeup remover without oils that can cause extensions to fall out, but look no further! This “no water needed cleanser” contains micelles which bond to dirt, makeup and debris to remove it gently from the face. It’s also a perfect product to keep in your workout bag. It’s important to cleanse the skin after sweating but we don’t want to over-cleanse either. Micellar Water offers the ideal alternative for on-the-go refreshment without stripping the surface of the skin.

4. All the Comfort Zone toners are alcohol free. The most common explanation for why toners are useful is that they restore the skin’s PH balance, but they do more than that! For example, the Essential Toner increases micro-circulation in the skin, allowing products to function better and penetrate deeper into the skin.

5. What exactly is the purpose of a “cream to oil cleanser”? While it is quite entertaining to see a creamy cleanser vanish and turn into a clear, smooth oil on the surface of your skin that is not, in fact its primary function. The Remedy Cream to Oil Cleanser is formulated this way to make sure the cleanser does not pull on already sensitive skin types. The oil texture provides a light, gentle cleanse and also acts as the main active ingredient. Morula Oil is excellent at preserving the skin’s barrier – an essential component in protecting irritated or ultra-sensitive skin.

6. The Remedy Toner’s spray bottle isn’t just for show. Why have a spray toner? This was my question for a long time. Some skin types are so sensitive that even a toner-soaked cotton pad coming in contact can be an irritant. The spray mechanism eliminates the need to use any type of cotton pad or applicator, so the soothing toner can hit your skin directly.

7. You can leave on the Hydramemory Mask all night! Most mask directions are along the lines of: spread an even layer, leave on for 10 minutes, rinse off. But there is no need to rinse this one. The leave-on gel mask absorbs in about 3 minutes but keeps the skin hydrated, plumped and deeply quenched all night. Expert tip: The Hydramemory Mask is ideal for a post-flight mask to fight that incredibly dehydrating plane air!