I used to think eye creams were unnecessary. I cheap ploy by skincare companies to get you to purchase another item in your routine. That is until I learned how different the skin around your eyes is from the rest of your face. The delicate skin that surrounds our eyes is 30% thinner than the rest of the face and works hard from constantly blinking,squinting or expressing emotion. This means the area deserves some special treatment! Eyes are usually one of the first things that people notice as a “problem area”. Because the skin is so delicate it’s easier to see fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. The best thing you can do is be gentle, pick skincare and makeup brands that are conscientious about the ingredients they use and get yourself an eye cream!

The first step is to make sure you are cleansing and removing your makeup in a way that is kind to your skin. Try a light micellar water to remove your makeup instead of a cloth or makeup wipes. Makeup remover wipes often have harsh ingredients in them that can start to damage the skin over time. I love this Essential Micellar Water from Comfort Zone! When using masks, heavy moisturizers, oils and serums – avoid the eye area.

Now, let’s pick out an eye cream. There are a wide variety of eye creams and gels depending on your age group or your primary concern. Take a look at the ingredients and choose brands that are thoughtful about their products. These are my favourite options:

Comfort Zone’s Hydramemory Eye Gel is great for our younger folks who are looking for something refreshing that will aid dark circles and puffiness. The Mediterranean Apple Extract provides strong antioxidant action while the blend of natural extracts from lentil and watermelon rind guarantees double hydration. Plus the metallic applicator tip stays cool and feels instantly refreshing! Moisturized eyes are happy eyes.

The eye products from Intelligent Nutrients and Organic Nation are excellent options for any age group. Intelligent Nutrient’ Eye Renewal Complex is formulated with plant stem cells from Edelweiss and Pennywort which visibly reduce wrinkle depth; and improve the texture and appearance up to 90% by keeping the skin hydrated, soothed and moisturized.

The Eye Matrix Cream from Organic Nation provides complete care around the matrix of the eye with bio marine extracts; acting on puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet. It also contains Kakadu Plum – the richest source of vitamin C in the world!

For mature eyes marked with wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness – Comfort Zone’s Sublime Skin Eye Cream is your new best friend. The innovative ingredient mixture is a do-it-all combo for aging skin. It contains Ribwort Plantain Extract which stimulates collagen and elastic and reduces the appearance of age spots. Caffeine and Aescin activate the microcirculation and the lipolytic action to improve puffiness. It also contains a Peptide Complex with Chrysin – a flavonoid which has an “anti-blue” effect. Together, they stimulate the brightening enzymes and reduce inflammation thereby improving the appearance of dark circles.

In conclusion: eye creams: GOOD. Think of the skin around your eyes like the delicate flower it is. Remember to apply your chosen product by lightly dabbing it under and around the eyes with the tip of your finger and always wear sunglasses.