Always plants – never plastic. That was Intelligent Nutrients’ mantra when creating the Refining Micro Polish. Most drug store brand scrubs contain plastic beads to exfoliate this skin, which is extremely dangerous to the environment. Often these plastic beads make their way into the ocean and are accidentally swallowed by our beloved sea animals, causing choking or a build-up of plastic in their stomachs. So let’s not contribute to this epidemic! Yes, exfoliating is an extremely important step in anyone’s skin care routine but there are many different and much more beneficial alternatives to these harmful little spheres.

Intelligent Nutrient’s Refining Micro Polish uses Jojoba beads which are derived from the Jojoba shrub – native to the desert region of southeastern Arizona. These plants produce wax-like oil from their seeds which is used in many other skin care products for its nourishing and hydrating properties. The wax turns into small colourless, odorless spheres when in its fully hydrogenated form, referred to as Jojoba beads. The beads are completely biodegradable and are gentle on the skin. They exfoliate without irritating, scratching or causing any damage.

The texture of the Micro Polish is super fine. Some think you need a coarse or harsh scrub to really exfoliate but in this case the ingredients are doing all the work! It contains Summer Lilac Plant Stem Cells. This lovely smelling flower has incredible perks for your skin such as its ability to control oil. Lilac Plant Stem Cells also contain verbascosides, an active ingredient that boosts the defense against environmental stressors, keeping your skin younger longer.

The third of the top three ingredients in this smoothing exfoliator is the Red Algae Extract. Intelligent Nutrients uses Red and Blue Algae Extract in many of their products because of their huge list of proven aids to the skin. Red Algae Extract is used to help skin retain moisture, one of the most important factors in maintaining healthy skin. It also increases cellular oxygenation and fights redness.

If you’ve ever felt your skin feeling dry and flakey or looking dull and uneven, this should be your go-to. It’s designed for all skin types to help purify, refine and clear pores. If exfoliation isn’t currently part of your skin care routine, well, make it one! Not only does it leave your skin feeling so much smoother, it works as a primer to allow all your other products to function their best.

P.S. Our Refining Micro Polish is featured in the current Summer 2019 Fab Fit Fun box!