Have you ever wondered what the difference was between chemical and natural retinol? What does a retinol really do for your skin? What kind of results can you achieve from an organic ingredient serum?

Plant retinol is derived from Vitamin A while chemical or synthetic retinols are created in labs to “mimic” the effects of the natural source. While both types do activate the skin’s RARs (retinoic acid receptors), a natural one will activate all of them while the synthetic only activates targeted areas. Retinols are clinically proven to aid in skin cell regeneration, fuelling cell turnover and diffusing dark spots and wrinkles – sounds pretty promising right? But if the retinol is chemically based, it can actually start to put stress on the skin by thinning and drying it out over time. This is why Intelligent Nutrients derives its plant retinol from natural, proven sources.

The first is our Spanish Needle. This active is proven to smooth skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and improve the density/firmness of your skin in the first month of regular use.

The second is the Sea Fennel, which is shown to improve skin uniformity by 47% in a month of regular use. It regulates sebum for clearer, refined pores and fewer breakouts and is proven to diminish wrinkles without the typical side effects of photosensitivity and inflammation.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, we threw a few other ingredients in here to really give you that rejuvenated skin feeling. Using Sea Bioactive Science, the Time Traveller Serum is formulated with Red Algae and Sea Daffodil which are major hydrators and age spot reducers. Here’s a fun fact that will make you put down your current serum: In 24 hours, Red Algae hydrates like applying synthetic hyaluronic acid for 2 weeks. Boosts natural hyaluronic acid by up to 211% and ceramides by up to 56%. The Sea Daffodil penetrated deep into your skin, targeting both dark spots on the surface area and skin pigmentation.

This silky smooth serum is made for all skin types, so everyone can reap the benefits of this natural, cell stimulating product.


By Laura Findlay