Here at Spa Magnolia, we pride ourselves on using only the best skin care products for our treatments. As we believe that when it comes to our health, everything is connected (from what we put in our mouths to what we layer on our skins), we use Intelligent Nutrients certified organic beauty products. Here’s why.

Organic skin care preserves your health

Mass-market skin care products are full of artificial and chemical ingredients whose long-term effects on our bodies are mostly unknown. While there is no direct link between illness and the chemical products we put on our skins every day, using organic skin care products ensures that you won’t be getting of these questionable ingredients on your body.

Certified organic skin care products are also chock-full of beneficial antioxidants and moisturizers, all from natural sources. There is no beauty like a natural beauty!

Organic skin care preserves the earth

Don’t you think we’ve destroyed enough of our fragile environment simply to make ourselves richer, more comfortable and prettier? Organic skin care products begin with organic ingredients, grown and produced sustainably using the most advanced practices. Our organic skin care products are also never tested on animals, meaning that they are cruelty-free.

When you use organic skin care products, you not only feel more beautiful, but also better about doing something good for the planet!

Organic skin care simply works better

If you don’t think that better health and a better environment are worth paying organic skin care prices for, then maybe this last argument will convince you: organic skin care products work better than their artificial counterparts.

How? A lot of chemical ingredients, used for cheap filling and a quick fix, actually do more harm than good. Sure, your skin might look brighter for a few weeks, but in the long run, synthetic ingredients can cause irritation, sun sensibility and can even lead to cancer. Why would you want to hurt your body in the pursuit of beauty?

Organic skin care may look like it’s not working as fast, but it’s changing your skin from the inside out, rather just on the outside. It benefits your overall health as well as the health of the planet.

Next time you visit our Victoria spa, make sure to ask about the many benefits of our organic skin care products and how you can bring them home with you.