As winter is approaching, it’s imperative that we remember the importance of detoxing our skin. Getting dolled up for holiday get-togethers and the stress of this time of year can really congest and clog our pores.

Sometimes in the winter months our skin feels more dry and tight, but adding in heavy moisturizers isn’t the only thing that will get you by. Enter your new savior: the Detoxifying Glycolic Gel. It’s right in the name – Detoxifying. And just as we hear about the importance of detoxing our bodies internally, our skin deserves and needs this same type of treatment.

Intelligent Nutrients creators are experts at extracting powerful, plant-based ingredients to formulate their products. Instead of using synthetics, which can be effective at first but ultimately harmful to the skin. Detoxifying Glycolic Gel features a naturally occurring form of glycolic acid from sugar cane. Versus the chemical propylene glycolic acid used in many conventional products. At a level of 5% natural glycolic acid, the sugar cane extract acts as a resurfacing agent; dissolving dirt, debris, buildup and dead cells.

It also contains potent plants such as Echinacea, Pennywort and Edelweiss:

The Edelweiss flower is native to the Alpine region. This delicate, white flower has been used for centuries for its therapeutic benefits. Internally, Edelweiss can help treat stomach issues and respiratory problems. It is also known to work wonders externally on the skin. Living under extreme sun exposure in high altitudes, the plant has adapted to produce a high concentration of flavonoids and phenolic acid that inhibit UV induced damage. So, just as the plant protects its flower from burning in the sun, this product protects your skin in the same way. Not to mention it’s loaded with antioxidants, natural acids and constituents that are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and smoothing.

These powerful plants help to maintain skin’s elasticity and can even out skin tone. The Glycolic Gel also contains Intelligent Nutrient’s Intellumune Complex Seed Flours. This blend of ingredients acts like a vitamin booster to your skin, delivering antioxidants, Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids.

If you’re looking for a product brighten, energize, dissolve impurities, eradicate dead skin cells and boost collagen production – this glycolic gel will be your best friend. It’s great for all skin types but especially oily. With continued use it can minimize the appearance of pores and help keep break outs at bay.