As spring shows its green nose, people like to feel refreshed and rejuvenated to go with the season. Clients come to our Victoria spa with a desire to feel young, healthy and beautiful. Good thing this feeling of rejuvenation can easily be achieved through our many detoxifying spa treatments!

First, get our Magnolia Body Scrub to make your entire skin shine and glow. Shed all that dull winter skin and feel a renewed sense of calm and energy. Our hydrotherapy session following the scrub will leave you feeling absolutely relaxed, and you will walk out with a new soft skin you never knew you had!

For problem facial skin, nothing compares to our Active Pureness Rebalancing Treatment. This treatment banishes blackheads and helps treat oily and acne-prone skin back to a normal, balanced look. You will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world again.

To work on detoxifying the body from the inside, there is nothing like the Hot Stone Massage treatment. Smooth, hot stones from the shores of Vancouver Island will be placed on strategic points of the body to promote better circulation and lymphatic drainage. You will be a new person!

Guys, we thought about you too. We have a special treatment for your dull, dry skin: the Hydra Performance Men’s Facial. Let us take care of your skin and your face will rival your favourite leather wallet in smoothness.

Come get a taste of spring with one of our detoxifying, rejuvenating spa treatments. Your smile walking out will rival the March sun beaming!