Do I really need one?

Eye creams can get a bit of a bad rap for being somewhat superfluous. Do you really need a separate product to pat around your peepers when you’ve got a perfectly good face moisturiser you could use? The short answer is yes. And here’s the long answer: you’ve probably noticed that the skin around your eyes is much finer that the rest of your face. Structurally, the texture is different. It also tends to be more sensitive and prone to reactions. There are fewer sebaceous glands, so even oily skins can tend towards dryness around the eyes. In short, the area has different needs to the rest of your face that a regular moisturiser doesn’t address, no matter your age. Choose an eye cream option to suit your specific concerns and apply diligently to safeguard this delicate spot that’s always on show.

Fight lines and fatigue

As the skin around your eyes is finer and more dry, it’s also more susceptible to wrinkles and redness. If fine lines are becoming increasingly noticeable, consider bolstering your resistance with our New Age Triple Defence Eye Cream. Eyedeline – an amazing marine extract – boosts collagen and soothes puffiness, while caffeine counteracts a tired appearance by stimulating skin and helping constrict blood vessels to reduce any redness. Added bonus: you can also pat this clever blend around your mouth to treat those feathery lip lines, too.

Soothe sensitivity

If you spend a lot of time staring at screens, or your eyes are easily irritated, a soothing gel is what you need. Relieve and revive your eye contour using the New Age Sensitive Eye Revival Gel. Fragrance free and ultra gentle, an application will cool and hydrate thanks to botanical extracts of cucumber and allantoin. Other actives work to diminish puffiness and smooth the appearance of lines. Apply morning and night, but also consider this the perfect three pm pick-me-up. Keep a tube by your computer to wake up hard-working eyes.

Treat ageing

Peptides plus retinol equals a powerful anti-ageing combination. Delivered gently but effectively to the eye area, they work in tandem to rejuvenate, firm and smooth. Our Vita-Peptide Eye Cream combines two trademarked peptides, Juveleven and Snap 8, designed to improve skin elasticity and relax muscles to help prevent future damage. Combined with retinyl palmitate and Vitamin E to stimulate collagen and fight free radicals, the result is a hardworking cream built to enhance your eyes.