Happy Earth Month! One of the best ways we can help our beautiful planet is by choosing brands that strive to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. The seals you see on the Intelligent Nutrients products aren’t just there for decoration. The company has gone through a long and costly process to provide transparency of the product and practices which have been certified. This way as a consumer, we can have full confidence in the skincare we are choosing to put on our bodies every day.

What do these seals mean?

Leaping Bunny Seal – No animal testing in any step of the production process

USDA Organic Seal – 95% minimum certified organic content

Soil Association Seal – 70% minimum certified organic content

Eco Bio Cosmetics Seal (ICEA) – Sustainable and dermocompatible

Cosmos Organic Seal – 65% or more organic content

Harmonically Made: The Non-Toxic Seal – 80% naturally derived ingredients from plants

Certified Renewable Energy Seal – 100% certified wind energy

The beauty industry is self-regulated. Did you know that companies are not obligated to list every ingredient on the box? Just because you see the words “natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean it’s legit. Brands are allowed to slap these words across their packages when in reality it may only have a couple drops of an “organic” or “natural” ingredient. The seals provide a line of trust between the consumer and Intelligent Nutrients. They list every single ingredient on every package so you know what you’re putting on your skin, and what they’re putting in the atmosphere.

Speaking of packaging…

Another thing I appreciate about Intelligent Nutrients is that they care for the Earth as much as they care about their customers. One of their efforts is to make the packaging as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainable packaging can be tricky to accomplish, but Intelligent Nutrients found a way to do it differently. The packaging is designed to protect the product inside while helping preserve the planet. Air-tight pumps deliver the delicious product onto your fingertips to ensure you get every last drop of your cleanser and allows the use of preservatives to be reduced. Glass bottles are used for a few different reasons, the main being that glass is 100% endlessly recyclable with no loss to quality or purity. For every one ton of glass that is recycled, over a ton of natural resources are saved. In addition, the use of glass reduces plastic consumption – which is always a good thing!

Educating yourself on the companies you purchase from can make a huge difference to our global state. By supporting brands that are making major efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, you in turn are supporting the Earth!