Summer is the season of travel. The perfect time to bliss out, take adventures, explore a new time zone and relax. Your “out of office” email notification is set, your bags are packed, excitement and anticipation are in the air as you make your way to the airport. And while you could not possibly wait another day for this trip, your skin is silently freaking out. Have you ever gotten sick after coming home from a trip? As all the changes are affecting our bodies on the inside, unfortunately it often shows up on the outside too.

Travelling can take a huge toll on our skin from the time we hit the airport (sometimes even before we get there!) to the time we are back in our own beds. Between changes in climates, heat, diet and dehydration, your jet-setting soul may be happy but your skin is not! Our pores are sensitive as it is in today’s climate and drastic elements can have a serious effect on our whole bodies. Thankfully, Intelligent Nutrients travel sizes exist and there’s no longer a need to compromise on your skin care routine while you’re away.

Problem 1: Airports

If you’re running late, the first thing that happens is the stress. Checking luggage, going through security and switching flights is enough to handle. Now we’re also tossing in the insane amount of germs and bacteria lingering around the airport. The cherry on top? That dry, recirculated air on planes has a very low humidity and can really dehydrate your skin.


Solution 1: Intelligent Nutrients’ Travel Hand Sanitizer & Nourishing Tonic

It’s always a good idea to carry around hand sanitizer in areas with a high volume of people. Airports, busses, trains, taxis, etc. Intelligent Nutrient’s Travel Hand Sanitizer is an amazing organic, on-the-go product. Destroy 99.9% of the bad without doing you any harm. It leaves hands feeling clean – not sticky or stripped but soft and hydrated. To combat dryness on the plane, try spritzing the Nourishing Tonic onto your face. The alcohol-free formula quenches, calms and replenishes hydration.


Problem 2: Weather Changes

Whether you’re just jumping provinces or going to the other side of the world, every area will come with changes in climate, weather and pressure. Differences in hot and cold weather can cause breakouts and dehydration. Not to mention the lack of sleep from jet lag in new time zones!

Solution 2: Intelligent Nutrients’ Renewing Oil Serum

Make sure you’re thoroughly cleansing the skin and keeping it as hydrated as possible. I suggest using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer during the day and then adding in the Renewing Oil Serum at night. This product perfectly aligns with your natural sebum and adjusts accordingly. Dry skin drinks it in. Oily skin finds clean balance. Dull skin lights up. Redness fades.

Problem 3: Diet Change

Personally, I live my vacations in a permanent YOLO (You Only Live Once) state. My “treat yo’self” status admittedly gets out of control and I indulge in all the food and all the wine. While I know when I do this at home I break out, it somehow always shocks me when pimples appear on a trip.

Solution 3: The Purifying Gel Cleanser and Toner

Give yourself a good thorough cleanse. If you’re experiencing breakouts or feeling congestion, cleanse and tone the skin at morning and at night. The Purifying Gel Cleanser and Toner work together to take away impurities while balancing the oil in our skin. The toner also preps the skin to aid your following products to absorb and function their best!