Intelligent Nutrient’s Renewing Oil Serum needs no introduction. Its nickname: The Green Gold says it all. If you are familiar with this brand, then I would bet you’re already using it, if not, it’s time to start.

This was the first serum that I completely fell in love with. Serums I had previously tried seemed like an unnecessary step, mostly because I hadn’t noticed any substantial differences in my skin. One of my favourite aspects about the Green Gold is how it has the ability to customize to your skin type. Dry skin drinks it in. Oily skin finds clean balance. Dull skin lights up. Redness fades. It can even differ by season: when my skin is drier in the winter time it helps quench the missing moisture yet it still feels lightweight enough to use in the hotter months.

The rich, clean oils expertly blended together are crucial to why this becomes an instant addiction. I had heard before the line “oil balances oil” but this is the first product that I’ve noticed a huge reduction of excessive oil production in my skin. It does seem counterintuitive to add more oil to oil but the molecularly intelligent ingredients actually adjust to your personal sebum production levels to help regulate it without drying it out or clogging pores.

Clean oils such as Argan, acai, safflower and grapeseed absorb quickly into the skin and instinctively deliver what the skin needs. Super certified organic antioxidant Intellimune help cells live longer, healthier lives while restoring skin’s collagen and elastin production.

I apply the Renewing Oil Serum at night after cleansing and toning. The scent alone is enough to create an intoxicating skincare experience, not to mention the feeling of the product gently gliding across and soaking into your skin. I wake up with my face looking refreshed, revived and brighter than the night before. It’s so surprise that this product is one of Intelligent Nutrient’s most popular and best-selling! If you try one thing from this line, let it be this incredible serum.

Expert tip: The Purifying Tonic and the Renewing Oil Serum work wonders when used together! After cleansing, spritz the Purifying Tonic all over and immediately apply the Renewing Oil Serum – these products help each other perform their best.