To anyone who takes a look in my bathroom cupboards, it is quite clear that I am a total Organic Nation devotee. I’ve been extremely impressed with the science and detail that goes into forming their products and packaging, and the difference in my skin since switching to this line is undeniable. As if I wasn’t already enough of an ardent supporter, Organic Nation has done it again with the release of the new Travel Pod.

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th), the Australian skincare company partnered with Freeset to create a small bag of four of their amazing products in travel sizes including a 50ml Citrus Foaming Cleanser, 50ml Black Rice Scrub, 15ml Hydration Day Cream and 15ml Eye Matrix Cream (all carry-on friendly at the airport!). Not only does Freeset use 100% cotton and environmentally friendly dyes, but it was really the story behind this company that embodies the true core values of Organic Nation.

Freeset aims to create new communities of freedom in areas marked by extreme poverty and vulnerability by creating jobs making bags, tees and scarves; building new homes and providing care and counselling. It began in Sonagachi, one of Asia’s largest red-light areas with approximately 10,000 sex workers, many of whom were taken from homes in villages and communities across West Bengal. These women were not given the chance to choose their occupation, and many were forced into a life of prostitution. Now, Freeset continues to form these businesses in strategic places across Kolkata and West Bengal, offering safety, freedom and jobs; and ensuring the women in these neighbourhoods can feed and clothe themselves and their families without the risk of being trafficked away. Freeset is also a fair trade company, meaning they are committed to providing fair, living wages and a healthy working environment for all employees. Wages are above the national minimum and all staff receive training, health care, child care, and savings plans.

International Women’s Day is all about women feeling empowered, having the belief in themselves to take control of their own lives and the bravery to step away from a bad situation and start over. There was no better company to represent that than Freeset, therefore no better bag to encompass the launch of Organic Nation travel.

Laura Findlay,
Blogger for The Spa Magnolia