“Cute mask!” – a sentence I never thought I’d hear or say. Whether you’re a healthcare worker, or masks have become a new requirement at your job, or you need to wear one as a guest to certain establishments, I think we can all agree they’re not the most comfortable. Besides the heat, the sweat and difficulty breathing (as if that’s not enough); masks can also cause problems with our skin.

Having a mask on your face for extended periods of time is HOT! Especially when speaking to other people or doing something physical. Excessive heat and humidity gets confined and increases the risk of congestion. When oil, dirt and perspiration are trapped behind your mask it can also lead to dry skin, breakouts, blemishes and acne.

For sensitive skin, the masks are a bit of a nightmare. If skin is already prone to irritation, wearing the mask for longer periods of time can raise the possibility of inflammation, itchiness, redness or in more serious cases lead to rosacea and/or eczema.

As summer approaches, we wanted to share some tips on keeping your skin clean and healthy while masks will inevitably become a part of our wardrobe for months to come.

Book in for a facial treatment. We have a range of facials designed to aid and treat any type of skin concern. The queen of facials is our Hydrafacial – the top of the line facial treatment on the market! Dryness, irritation, oil buildup and acne are just some of the skin concerns that facials can help treat. In 3 easy steps you are on your way to the best skin of your life with HydraFacial.

Drink lots of water. Make sure you keep hydrated! When you breathe through a mask, you are not getting as much oxygen as you would when you breathe freely and therefore are at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated. This solution is a win-win because water is essential for a clear complexion too!

Cleanse regularly. Keeping up your skin care routine morning and night will help combat issues that may arise from regular mask use. If you have any irritation, inflammation or redness, we suggest Comfort Zone’s Remedy Cleanser or Intelligent Nutrients’ Gentle Cleansing Lotion. Both of these are great every day options for more sensitive or irritated skin. If you notice new blemishes popping up or the development of excessive oil, we recommend Organic Nation’s Citrus Foaming Cleanser or Comfort Zone’s Active Pureness Gel Cleanser.


Masks for masks! Using a skincare mask once a week can help break down buildup on the skin, give you a deeper cleanse or a much needed boost of hydration. Comfort Zone’s pocket masks come in four different options for different skin types and are perfect for a quick skin pick me up! Intelligent Nutrients’ Detoxifying Glycolic Gel is also a winner on our list. The natural glycolic acid cleanses deep into your pores to eliminate oil, debris and blemishes.

Nourish your skin. On the other end of the spectrum, masks can also cause the skin to become extremely dry and dehydrated. A tonic and a serum are the perfect combo to quench and reset your skin at night. Our favourite dynamic duo? Intelligent Nutrients’ Nourishing Tonic + Green Gold Renewing Oil Serum. When used together, these products maximize each other’s benefits and are both amazing for the skin even if you don’t wear a mask!

*Cover photo from www.lisasaysgah.com*