Our Certified Master Pedicurist

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Most of the time our feet are one of the most disregarded areas of our physical body. They carry us for a lifetime, shoved mercilessly into 5-inch platform heels or compressed into level ballerina flats. Do you suffer with ingrown toe nails or fungus? Many people do not want to expose their feet due to these conditions or have a pedicure done in a spa environment.

Yuki McLeish is The Spa Magnolia’s Certified Master Pedicurist! Yuki began her career in the beauty industry in 1997 as an Aromatherapist and Esthetician in Japan and has continued her education and training ever since. Her roles have included Spa Manager, Aveda Technical Educator, Senior Therapist and has been with us at The Spa Magnolia since 2009. Book an Advanced Pedicure with Yuki on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays for just $75 (additional $15 charge for polish application)

All manicure and pedicure services at The Spa Magnolia adhere to the strictest sanitization standards and use a medical autoclave to sterilize metal implements, one time only files and buffers are yours to keep following the treatment. Yuki will cover:
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〉 Introduction to foot structure, body alignment, biomechanics and how these impact the pedicure
〉 Structural deformities of the foot
〉 Diseases and disorders of the skin and nail
〉 Understanding the skin on the feet
〉 Different products used in the management of skin and nail problems
〉 Specialty nail services
〉 Anatomy of the foot
〉 Implications of diabetes and chronic illness on the pedicure

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