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Introduce yourself to a sample of a few amazing Spa Magnolia treatments. A deep cleansing facial, relaxation massage and an invigorating body scrub with a hydrotherapy tub session leaves your skin supple and radiant to complete the care for your body from head to toe.

90 min… $200

*contraindicated for pregnancy

Himalayan Salt Treatment

Both detoxifying and nourishing, we begin the treatment with a gentle massage with Himalayan salt stones on the back, which starts the absorption of the healthy minerals found in the salts. Working one body area at a time, a refreshing gel containing alpha-hydroxy acids, fruit extracts, and microspheres of silica and jojoba further smooths the skin while cocooned. Treatment is finished with the body receiving a generous rich moisturizing cream to improve elasticity.

90 min… $200

*contraindicated for pregnancy

Pregnant Pause

The ultimate time-out for women in their second and third trimester. Relax with a footbath, and lower leg and calf massage before enjoying some well-deserved quiet and calm. Feel stress melt away with a scalp, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a nourishing facial. Leave feeling nurtured, de-stressed and in a state of relaxation.

75 min… $175

(add 45 minutes of additional care including cuticle and nail care plus polish application for $70)

Back Treatment

Dedicated to the hard-to-reach areas of your back in need of deep cleansing, exfoliation and treatment masque.

45 min… $145

Magnolia Body Scrub

Treatment begins with a grounding foot massage followed by neck and shoulder compressions. An invigorating scrub which removes dead skin cells and increases blood circulation while essential nutrients penetrate your skin, leaving it silky smooth. Next, relax in our Eau Ker Hydrotherapy tub where 144 jets provide you with a soothing water massage.

60 min… $150

*contraindicated for pregnancy

*Add on a 30-minute Relaxation Massage or Organic Infusion Express Facial to any body treatment for just $75.

*Our Hydrotherapy Tub is in a private room and is utilized as a part of our treatments. Because it is for one person at a time unfortunately we cannot book these treatments as couple’s services. Also due to the activity in the body from the jets in the tub, it cannot be used during pregnancy.