Project Description


An invigorating scrub removes dead skin cells and increases blood circulation while essential nutrients penetrate your skin, leaving it silky smooth. Next relax in our Eau Ker Hydrotherapy tub where 144 jets provide you with a soothing water massage.

30 min – $70

(Please note a relaxation massage or body lotion application is not included in the scrub treatment. You may add on a 30 minute relaxation massage or Body Lotion application for $50, please request at time of booking)



Introduce yourself to a sample of a few amazing Spa Magnolia treatments. Begin with an invigorating body scrub and hydrotherapy tub session to leave your skin supple and radiant. Next a deep cleansing facial and relaxation massage will complete the care for your body from head to toe.

90 min  – $175



Rejuvenate with scent, science and massage. The OneBody treatment is a tranquil full body treatment that reduces inflammation, increases circulation and assists with cellulite management. This experience includes a body scrub to reveal brighter skin utilizing Green Coffee enzymes which help break down fat and smooth swollen areas of the skin. A full body lotion application follows containing Jania Rubens which detoxifies and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and works to decrease wrinkles and dimpling.

75min  – $150



Our Himalayan Salt Stone Detoxifying Treatment is a leading-edge technique in the healing art of reducing inflammation in the body. Unlike traditional hot stone massage, the minerals of the salt stones are absorbed into the skin as the therapist glides them along your body. There are 84 minerals that enrich each salt stone and when combined with a light blend of essential oils orange, lemon, peppermint and Ivy extract they deliver a truly unforgettable and detoxifying treatment.  The stones are also lightly exfoliating, our treatment adds to this by applying a refreshing gel containing alpha-hydroxy acids, fruit extracts, and microspheres of silica and jojoba to further smooth the skin while cocooned. Treatment is concluded with an application of our Body Strategist D-Age Cream which leaves a protective moisturizing finish and increased skin elasticity. This amazing cream is organic tamanu oil, boswellic acid and walnut extract all rich in antioxidant action and polyphenols which are ideal to tone, restore sun damaged and depleted skin.

75 minutes………$185

(*contraindicated for pregnancy)



Dedicated to the hard to reach areas of your back in need of deep cleansing, exfoliation and treatment masque.

30 min – $70


*Add on a 30 minute relaxation massage or pure focus facial to any body treatment for just $50.

*Our Hydrotherapy Tub is in a private room and is utilized as a part of our treatments. Because it is for one person at a time unfortunately we cannot book these treatments as couple’s services. Also due to the activity in the body from the jets in the tub it cannot be used during pregnancy.

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