Project Description


Ancient medicinal oils ravintsara, oregano, everlasting and
cinnamon rest on a bed of regenerating patchouli, rosemary
and thyme to help promote restoration while organic sea salts
renew the skin. Your body will be hydrated, soft, and smell
amazing following your hydrotherapy tub session.
30 min  – $70


Introduce yourself to a sample of a few amazing Spa Magnolia
treatments. Begin with an invigorating body scrub and
hydrotherapy tub session to leave your skin supple and radiant.
Next a deep cleansing facial and relaxation massage will
complete the care for your body from head to toe.
90 min  – $175


Rejuvenate with scent, science and massage. The OneBody
treatment is a tranquil full body treatment that reduces
inflammation, increases circulation and assists with cellulite
management. This experience includes a body scrub to reveal
brighter skin utilizing Green Coffee enzymes which help break
down fat and smooth swollen areas of the skin. A full body
lotion application follows containing Jania Rubens which
detoxifies and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and works
to decrease wrinkles and dimpling.
75min  – $145


Dedicated to the hard to reach areas of your back in need of
deep cleansing, exfoliation and treatment masque.
30 min – $65

*Add on a 30 minute relaxation massage or pure
focus facial to any body treatment for just $50.