Rebalance and rejuvenate with the healing power of a targeted massage. Known to calm and recharge, massage activates feel-good endorphins and decreases stress hormones. Boost wellbeing as you improve circulation, relieve aches and tension, and lift the immune system. If you prefer light, medium or deep pressure please let us know when booking.

Spa Magnolia Relaxation Massage

Relieve | Ease | Calm

Experience a deep sense of renewal and aromatic bliss with a relaxation massage treatment where you can unwind from the stresses of daily life and enjoy time out just for you.

Light to medium pressure

60 min… $150


Relieve | Treat | Balance

Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic practice rooted in the principle that specific areas and points on the feet, hands, and ears are connected to corresponding parts of the body through the nervous system. In this treatment Reflexology Therapists employ precise finger and thumb manipulations to target reflex points, expertly identifying which areas of the feet correspond to various body parts. By applying pressure to these points, reflexology may help stimulate the movement of energy along nerve channels, promoting the restoration of homeostasis and balance within the body.

Everyone can benefit from this treatment as it may assist in enhancing blood circulation, eliminating toxins, boosting metabolism and energy levels, and ultimately providing relief from stress. Experience the holistic benefits of reflexology for a revitalized and balanced body.

60 minutes… $150
90 minutes (includes hand & arm massage and pressure points)… $195

Expectant Mother Massage

Soothe | Nurture | Nourish

Nourish your body and relax the mind with this soothing massage designed specifically for pregnant women in their second or third trimester. Mums-to-be will leave this massage in a state of deep relaxation. Our specially designed pillow which cradles the belly allows for much-needed massage on the back, even full term we can provide you with an amazing massage experience.

60 min… $160

Rest & Restore

Sooth | Revive | Restore

A light to medium-full body relaxation massage with a difference. This treatment uses natural oils peppermint, rosemary and camphor to soothe tired, and tense muscles and revive the senses. A detoxifying back scrub with arnica and menthol gently warms the back to promote circulation and release deep tension followed by a specialized massage sequence using jade grounding stones and endota’s Clove & Mint Recovery Balm. Your body and mind will thank you.

60 min… $170

Soothing Stones

Release | Restore | Rebalance

Revitalize your body with a stress-relieving combination of warm stones and shiatsu massage sequence to encourage blood flow and ease muscle tension. Jade vitality rollers relax facial muscles, while a scalp massage helps to restore serenity from head to toe.

90 min… $200

*contraindicated for pregnancy

Sports Style Deep Tissue Massage

Relieve | Treat | Recover

Medium to deep pressure is used to relieve muscle aches and tension, customize your treatment according to your needs! (not valid for extended health care benefits).

60 min… $170

90 min… $215

Registered Massage Therapy

Treat | Support | Recover

Alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and provide relief from tension in the body. Your RMT will be able to provide deep pressure, sports-style massage or relaxation if preferred. Receipts for extended health care are available for these treatments, please request an RMT at the time of booking. (very limited availability/single treatments only)

60 min… $170

90 min… $215

*Only massages booked with an RMT are eligible for insurance receipts.

Massage Treatment upgrades

Add a 15-minute Recovery Balm for Neck & Shoulders – $49
Our Clove & Mint Recovery Balm with rosemary, clove bud oil, peppermint and camphor soothes strained and inflamed muscles while improving circulation.

Add a 15-minute Tranquility Back Scrub – $49
Sugar crystals, amaranth and sweet almond oil blended with cedarwood, sweet orange, geranium, vetiver and rose provide a nourished and renewed exfoliation for the back. Followed with an application of our Aromasoul moisturizer your back will feel smooth and hydrated.

Add a 30-minute Organic Infusion facial – $75

Add an Essential Oil to your massage – $5.75