Here in Victoria we seem to have transitioned into sandal season rather quickly. The winter drags on, only teasing us with glimpses of beautiful days until suddenly mid-May hits and we arrive in full blown summer weather. It’s time to swap your rain jacket for a T-shirt and your boots for strappy sandals. After what felt like a very long winter, your feet could probably use some TLC and we’re here to provide that in the best way.

There’s a reason we call this luxurious service the Transformation Pedicure – we allocate an entire hour dedicated to your feet. This is not your average nail bar where you sit in an open space next to strangers in chairs. Your pedicure includes the essentials such as a foot soak, nail and cuticle work, buffing of calluses, feet and leg massage and a polish colour of your choice. The difference is; this is a private service just for you, done in a private room to really allow the one-on-one time with a licensed esthetician who has the skills and experience to personalize the hour to your needs. The best part? You’re lying down on a very comfortable massage bed while your feet are getting a deluxe pampering. Warning: There is a high possibility you will be so relaxed that you may even doze off without noticing.

We understand the importance of taking time for yourself and allowing someone else to take care of you. We also understand the importance of literally putting your best foot forward while you walk into the sunny season!


Laura Findlay,
Blogger for The Spa Magnolia