Although some Victorians are okay with wearing sandals through the winter, the most sensible of us still wait until spring to ditch the socks and take out the open-toed footwear. And when that time comes, it’s also the perfect moment to get a pedicure at your favourite Victoria spa. Because your sandals deserve only the prettiest toes.

The Transformation Pedicure

Our pedicure begins with a soothing, luxurious foot bath that will wash away all that stress that lodges itself in our feet. You can just sit there and relax, knowing that your feet are soaking in oils that will soften, moisturize and improve the appearance of your skin.

Then, our expert esthetician will exfoliate your feet, especially around the rough spots on the heels and the balls of your feet.  After your feet are softened, you will get your nails shaped and your cuticles groomed. Your toes have never looked better! This facilitates the application of a moisturizing lotion, and the final touch: a nice, high-quality, long-lasting nail polish.

French-style polish is also available for an extra 10$.

After this pedicure, you won’t want to hide your toes inside closed shoes! Free your feet and look your best in sandals with our relaxing pedicure. Pedicures start at $55 for an amazing foot pampering.