There comes a point in life where it all starts happening. Thin, fine lines start forming under our eyes, gliding across our foreheads and crinkling around our mouths. Panic sets in and we reach for every “anti-aging” product off the shelf. Aging is a natural and beautiful process that if we are lucky enough to go through, we should embrace. Don’t think of it as “wrinkles”, think of it as “lines of experiences”. One dark spot or fine line should not be reason enough to shatter our confidence and forget who we are.

Though I am a big believer in aging gracefully and naturally, I like to know the products I’m using are going to help me preserve my skin, keep it healthy and perhaps provide a confidence boost as well.

Some signs of aging can be aided or even prevented depending on the cause and maintaining your skin health is hugely beneficial for how it looks on the exterior. So if there’s a results-proven, organic product that can help us along the way? Bring. It. On.

Organic Nation’s Superactive 7 Serum is the epitome of a healthy aging aid. 7 key active ingredients derived from nature are synergistically blended to help protect our skin and prevent premature signs of aging. Specifically targeted for facial lines and sagging skin, this serum can show up to 62% reduction of wrinkle depth and up to a 77% lifting effect.

The key is in these powerful 7 ingredients. For example, take Vitamin A: plant derived bio-Retinol is one of the most sought after ingredients in the treatment of aging skin. Skin is a retinoid-responsive organ, meaning it’s able to effectively and readily absorb Vitamin A when applied topically. Retinol stimulates the production of new skin cells, therefore boosting collagen and speeding up cell turnover.

We’ve talked about peptides before. These chains of amino acids are hugely beneficial and becoming increasingly popular in skin care. The Superactive 7 Serum has three:

Tripeptide-38 penetrates deep in to the dermis to boost the production of collagen. Not only does it stimulate the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid, it also assists the body’s natural regeneration process helping skin retain its youthful firmness, suppleness and radiant glow.

Hexapeptide-49 reduces inflammation and itching by regulating the activity of PAR 2 (a proteinase-activated-receptor known to produce inflammation in the skin). It provides an immediate soothing effect and helps to restore hydration, which is a key factor for young looking skin.

Tetrapeptide-2 is our gravity defying peptide. By enhancing protein levels in the skin, it provides a strong firming effect with results of up to 21.3% increased elastin and up to 47.3% increased collagen.

With other “superactive” ingredients such as Kakadu PlumTazman Pepperberry and Macadamia Oil, you can be sure Organic Nation is backing you on your skincare journey. Entering a new age group where some of these benefits become more important can seem daunting at first. But using a product like this can certainly make it easier!

Expert tip: serums do their best work at night – so make sure you’re always using this at bedtime under your favourite moisturizer!