Who would’ve thought that one day I’d actually enjoy washing my face? Skincare used to seem like a tedious task for me. With the amount of strength I have to muster to pull myself out from under my warm, cozy blankets in the morning, it’s a surprise I even make it into the shower before I leave the house! But once I started using better skincare products and making educated choices about the ingredients I was using on my face, I saw the difference in my skin after just a couple of months. Part of the experience is how my products smell and how they feel on my skin. This is why I love beginning my morning skincare routine with Organic Nation’s Citrus Foaming Cleanser.

First of all, the smell is unbeatable. Citrus notes of grapefruit, lemon and mandarin essential oils are the perfect blend to awaken your senses and kick-start the day. Not only do these fruity scents make this cleanser smell heavenly, but the citrus oils contain powerful antiseptic qualities that keep your skin clear and protect against environmental pollutants.

The texture is my second favourite quality about the Citrus Foaming Cleanser. I love cleansers that foam, because let’s face it, it is way more fun to use! It pumps out as a delicious, creamy milk and then starts to lightly foam up as you spread it around. The gentle coconut derived ingredients are designed to trap and hold the debris that needs to be rinsed away without stripping the skin’s natural oils. So it doesn’t leave your skin with that tight, dry feeling that some cleansers can cause.

One of the reasons this product has kept my skin so clear since I’ve switched over is the key active ingredient: Tasmanian Pepperberry.

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Naturally occurring in the cold mountains of Tasmania, this berry contains high anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, making it ideal to treat acne and stop blemishes from growing. It is also used to act as a shield of sorts, protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. This ingredient is found in other Organic Nation products such as the S7 Serum and the More Than Rose Hydration Mist for its potent antioxidant and hydration properties.

Using products that I love and that actually work has made my skincare routine much more of a joy than a burden. Sure I still have a hard time getting out of my coma in the morning, but knowing this is ready for me in a nice warm shower definitely makes it easier!

Expert Tip: I love mixing this with the Black Rice Scrub once or twice a week for a great double-action exfoliation!