Ahh… April showers really do bring May flowers. This is one of the best times of the year. When the flowers start blooming and the temperature starts rising. The sun splits the clouds and the rain fades into a fall memory. Do you know what else happens in the springtime? BUGS.
BUGS EVERYWHERE. Camping? Bugs. Beach day? Bugs. Patio drinks? You guessed it – bugs!

Yes, we do need to protect ourselves from bites and stings not only to prevent incessant itching and unattractive red bumps. Insects are one of the largest carriers of disease and it’s important that we try to repel these pesky guys.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a traditional bug spray? Most insect repellents contain an ingredient called DEET – this is a brand of diethyltoluamide (diethyl-what now?) that is often used. According to an article on healthland.time.com, researchers call DEET a “relatively safe option” but also mention that it has been linked to side effects such as “dizziness, disorientation, seizures and even death”. So… probably not a good start. And this is the main ingredient used in almost every bug spray on the market!

My advice? Let’s put that green bug spray bottle back on the shelf where it belongs and opt for something we know is safe! Smart Armor Perfume Sprays and Serums are 100% DEET free! That’s the first check mark. Not to mention 100% non-toxic, certified organic plant powered, biodegradable and safe for the environment.
Instead of using these harsh chemicals, Smart Armor is formulated from plants’ own bug resisting oils they produce as a survival mechanism.

Fun fact about Smart Armor: it was originally formulated as a perfume spray that just happened to help repel bugs! That’s why it smells so incredible. The active aromatic essential oil blend includes warm woodsy notes of cedar and clove; fragrant top notes of refreshing peppermint and herbaceous lemongrass; and accents of floral geranium, rosemary and citronella.

Keep insects away in a non-toxic, non-you-might-die-if-you-breathe-in-too-much-DEET way while literally smelling like a dream. Need I say more?