It’s the most wonderful time of the year… I mean for me NOT my skin. Winter weather can be extremely drying while holiday stress and getting dolled up for parties can leave it congested. Though I love the winter time and embracing my inner snow bunny, I do find myself with quite the dilemma for these few months. A mix of dry patches and breakouts? Super fun. Bring it on.

I asked our expert estheticians for some tips on how to keep your skin hydrated and healthy throughout this chilly time. Working in the spa industry I’ve definitely expanded my knowledge and have become obsessed with skincare! My skin has never been better, and I can personally vouch for all of this helpful advice:

  1. Don’t forget your SPF! Those clouds, rain and snow rolling in are extremely deceiving. The sun still penetrates strongly through the bright, white weather this time of year and this can be a major culprit in why our skin feels dry or tight – it’s burnt! It can seem strange to put sunscreen on when it’s snowing outside, so instead try using a makeup or moisturizer that already has SPF packed in.

My go to: Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Base Mineral Powder. The coverage is buildable depending on the coverage you like and every shade contains SPF 15-20. Plus it’s totally non comedogenic meaning it won’t clog your pores!

  1. Kick the moisture up a notch. If your skin starts feeling dry, you may want to add a serum and/or a night cream to boost the moisture level in your skin. Layering a serum under your favourite moisturizer is a great way to add hydration and reap the benefits of a second product. Serums are often the most results-driven and powerful, so adding this in will help in multiple ways. I also like to switch out my regular moisturizer for a night cream before I go to sleep. They are generally more dense and packed with more moisturizing aspects so your skin can heal through the night.

My go-to: Comfort Zone’s Renight Cream, Intelligent Nutrient’s Renewing Oil Serum, Organic Nation’s Absolute Night Cream

  1. Try gentler products. A lot of the time, acne-targeted products can really damage your skin’s moisture barrier. By using these harsh cleansers, toners or treatment products, your skin’s natural oil production is in overdrive and can actually cause further breakouts or irritations. This time of the year, when skin is already at risk for being dried out, try switching your cleanser and toner for something gentler.

My go-to: Intelligent Nutrient’s Gentle Cleansing Lotion, Comfort Zone’s Remedy Cream to Oil Cleanser and Remedy Toner

  1. Book yourself a facial! Professional facials are beneficial all year long (not to mention feel AMAZING) but sometimes our skin can really use the extra helping hands in the colder months. The Spa Magnolia has facials specifically designed for all different types of skin types and skin issues and our wonderful estheticians can provide you with even more helpful tips for maintaining the health of your beautiful face.

My go-to: The Hydrafacial! This top of the line facial done with our Hydrafacial machine addresses all skin concerns from dryness, aging, acne, fine lines, dark spots and more. I always come out of this treatment feeling deep cleaned, hydrated and looking amazingly smooth.