September 2021 Promotions

Blue Light and Digital Aging

What is blue light and digital aging? Blue light, a high-energy visible light (HEV), refers to light wavelengths between 390 and 500 nm that get emitted from phones and computer screens. Blue light penetrates further into the skin than both UVA and UVB sunlight and uses a higher level of energy than IR (infrared) light. This may result in even more damage to the skin, increased wrinkles and hyperpigmentation—despite never even feeling a thing.

endota Blue Light Protection Facial

A customized facial targeting fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation including our Blue light Hydromist and Blue Light Hydrocream. Hydroviton PLUS 2290 delivers intense hydration and 72 hour moisturization plus resists and deflects blue light pollution and stress away from skin. This facial improves skin’s elasticity and leaves a beautiful glow!

Regularly …$150 NOW $125!


Retail Therapy

Blue Light Defence

Purchase a Blue Light Defence HydroCream 50ml or Blue Light Defence HydroMist and receive 20% off!


The Beauty of Hope
What comes with cooler evenings and darker nights? Candle Season!! Purchase any two Beauty of Hope Candles and receive 20% off. Purchase three and receive 25% off!!


[comfort zone]

Purchase any [comfort zone] Cleanser and Moisturizer and receive 15% off!