Holiday Promotions

November & December


When it comes to Gift Giving for the Holidays choose gifts that give back!

Providing someone with an opportunity to have quiet, private time and be cared for

results in a happy, balanced, appreciative person!

AND, our retail brands feature gifts that are not just environmentally responsible, but also give back to chosen charities.

Come to The Spa Magnolia this Holiday Season and find the perfect gift!



Relaxation Reprieve

60-minute Hot Stone Massage, 60-minute Personalized Facial with Transformation Pedicure…3.25 hours $310 (save $40!)

Beard Treatment

Consider this a rehab for the bushiest beard and stiffest mustache that will deeply clean and revitalize facial hair and skin. Intelligent Nutrients Beard Treatment will reinvigorate and strengthen the most grizzly, unkempt facial hair and rugged skin, creating a more resilient hair follicle and healthy skin beneath.

45 minutes….$90



Beauty of Hope Candles….3 new collections! Just in time for gift giving with 2 sizes available .With each purchase of their hand-crafted soy candles, you are partnering with The Beauty of Hope to help light the way to end human trafficking. Ten percent of The Beauty of Hope’s revenue is donated to non-profits who share this goal, encouraging our mission towards the deeper purpose of beauty.

Fall Collection

Notes of crisp autumn air, falling leaves and spiced pumpkin fill the room with The Beauty of Hope’s Fall Collection.

Harvest (Pumpkin, Nutmeg & Vanilla)
Crisp (Neroli, Sandalwood & Apple)
Spiced (Ginger, Saffron & Geranium)
Autumn (Caramell, Pecan & Hazelnut)

Enchanted Forest

Transport the senses through an enchanted forest with four unique fragrances. Winter notes inspired by lush green canopies, calm streams and moss covered branches.

Golden Spruce (Pine, Spruce & Cedar)
Willow (Moss, Oak & Patchouli)
Woodland Berries (Cranberry, Holly & Cinnamon)
Hollow Tree (Sandalwood, Honey & Rose)

Wonder Collection
Six fragrances inspired by wonders around the globe.
– Giza, Egypt (amber, clove & lemon)
– Sedona, Arizona (agave, sea salt & lime)
– Lana’i, Hawaii (bamboo, coconut & pineapple)
– Grasse, France (iris, jasmine & peony)
– Wicklow, Ireland (lilac, gardenia & rose)
– Jasper, Canada (eucalyptus, mint & cedar)

20% & more off some of your Intelligent Nutrients favourites including Harmonic Shampoo & Conditioner, Renewing Oil Serum, the Lip Nutrition Balm plus all travel sizes! If IN is one of your fave brands this November/December is the time to save!

Organic Nation’s 50ml Black Rice Scrub, 50ml Citrus Foaming Cleanser, 50ml More Than Rose Mist and 50ml Hydration Day Cream is the perfect starter kit to put yourself on the way to beautiful skin! Reg.$140.50 Save 25% over the Holidays NOW $105

Comfort Zone has trial/travel kits starting at just $32! And this Holiday Season come on in store to save on Sublime Skin, Skin Remedy and the new Hand Specialist Cream with Cuticle Oil.