March 2023 Promotions


Comfort Zone Face & Body

Enjoy a one-hour customized [comfort zone] facial with a 30-minute Tranquility massage! The signature fragrance of [comfort zone] is an exclusive blend that includes essential oils of Cedarwood and Sweet Orange, intentionally created to provide profound relaxation and harmony. Your facial will address dehydration, sensitivities, or congestion, we have a solution to suit your skin! Together this is 90 minutes of all-embracing face and body care.

NOW $190


Retail Therapy

Why use a skin care mask?

Treatment masks are skincare products that have highly concentrated ingredients specifically formulated to address concerns related to the skin’s health and appearance. Incorporating a face mask into your regime once or twice a week can help to achieve a wide range of skin health goals. They can hydrate, exfoliate, address uneven skin tone, unclog pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and so much more!

This month receive 20% off any of our masks!

*Excludes 4 packs of Power Serum Sheet Masks, singles only